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Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction

I heard my elder friend being told by his father, I am not a professional in the field you are desiring advice. Only what I can do is to take you to my senior colleagues in office who may be in a position to advise. The query may have to be raised by you after the introduction and it is you to understand from him /her.

On a later date I came to know that the query was a basic confusion--- which of the job offers to be accepted. The condition was that there were many offers in hand which have been shortlisted to two. He was utterly confused to decide between the two to arrive at the final conclusion.

His opinion as told to me was to go for the job in which he fits as per his academics but it was less paying than the other one – not in line with academics.

Other day he accompanied father to his office and as advised met a senior officer, who commanded respect as an officer and also as a person in the society. First having known about the basic issue  the officer wanted to know my friends view who conveyed it the way it was told to me.

The officer had a hearty laughter. My friend got further confused feeling that the laughter is making mockery of him.

Then started, the sincere discussions between the officer and my friend. The officer communicated that – Like all of you I have also tried for my job, with a view to work in the field of my academics.

I did not get one in that field, rather I have got offer for this “Class I” officer’s post. I have joined it with the feeling that some job is required at least to be independent. It was remuneration, which was basic priority for me then, rather than type of work. But once joined, I am not mentally ready to change to another, wherein I shall be paid less than what I am getting today. So in the process, I being the first class first post graduate in Statistics, am now counting the wagons in the railways. No relation of job requirement and my academics. 

Might be you think, I would have enjoyed the job in line with the academics better but now   that I already have a few years experience and am in touch with friends from other academic fields – I understand from all my friends that the charm of “my academic field / arena” is very short lived. The monotony of the work in the one’s own academic arena gets him bored and exhausted  after a few years (may be 2-3), AND THE SAME FRUSTRATES HIM REST OF HIS LIFE. 

The best answer to the issue is to switch over to a new job in different academics. And as me , no one will like to go for a lower remuneration and looking towards friends drawing better salary – perks in the fields away from own academics – calls for further frustration.

Now that you have the two shortlisted offers – my advice will be to go for the one, which pays more unless otherwise the work is disliked by you. Not liking is something different from Disliking. May be in due course of time you get any other better offer you may shift / jump over to that one.

It is not only you but all students during their first job get stuck at this issue only, so was I.  The years of experience and feeling from other friends and colleagues lets me know that it is remuneration which ultimately counts. Yes, it is said that - money is the means and not the goal of life. But then without means goals can’t be achieved – therefore money takes primary seat for the goal. With the economics deteriorating and costs escalating day by day you may get nothing cheaper today than yesterday and at every walk of life, money pays an important role. Your technologies will get outdated after may be 10 years and you may not be update with it – but then money becomes more and more important every day. Therefore it is better to leave the affection to the academic arena and go for the better remunerating job.

During those days education was the first charity. It was very cheap. Now education is the main business. Parents have to spend a fortune to make the ward a professional. But then all the parents are not able to cope up with the hefty requirement. Fortunately,  banks have lent the helping hand by issuing soft student loans. Now the students have to repay in terms of EMI alongwith the interest. This is additional burden on the present day students. Therefore they will have to be more inclined towards the remuneration besides anything as compulsion.

Yes there is a parameter called job satisfaction – which again is short lived. Same monotonous works cause trouble there too. There may  be a few counts who may be able to change their job within or beyond the organization and continue to get the offers from the same academics and differing fields – but then it is extremely difficult to fall in this bracket. World is too large to hope for such favours.


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