गुरुवार, 3 अप्रैल 2014

IPL- 2014

Supreme Court has handed over charge of present IPL 2014 management to Sunil Gavaskar -  the little Master of yester years. All Other activities of BCCI have been entrusted to other president nominate.

While Gavaskar is in charge of IPL activities he alongwith his team shall be concentrating on the game – may be with venue managements, ads, facilities for players etc. --- but with this he will not have any control on betting for which earlier president has been asked to vacate.  I am sure that the management will be of a better class and with his confidence in the others (involved team members) and vice versa, no one will look towards the betting groups. Neither those in management of this IPL, Nor the players , I feel will dare do as the action could be very stringent this time.

I understand that Srinivasan had to go because the persons primarily involved, as alleged are Bindu Dara & Meiyappan,  of which later is his son in law. Besides, the team involved is CSK again, owned by the company India Cements in turn owned by Srinivasan himself. All these involve seriously the CSK, India cements, Meiyappan and Srinivasan.

I am really Sorry, for the others from India cement whose names were dragged-in because they are the part of India Cements, notwithstanding their personal credibility or otherwise. One of them is respectful Rahul Dravid the wall of Indian Cricket. The episode has earned a bad name for INDIA CEMENTS. Dhoni being exceptional of all these players -- for Holding the post of Vice President and captain of India Team and also the blemished team CSK.
Gavaskar is not in anyway linked on date with any of the owners of the team. So no chance of a similar issue... moreover his credentials all these years underline the transparency this IPL 2014 will have. Besides all these if bookies pays their roles ... law emforcing system has to take care.

Though the case is with Supreme Court and nothing so far is crystallized – this is the first step for having an independent and uninfluenced enquiry into the allegations.


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